2017 PINC Experience (Sarasota, FL)


PINC is an inspiring cascade of new ideas, great stories, and impressive visual presentations that culminate in a day-long experience delivered by a superb selection of international speakers from every imaginable discipline. 


PINC Sarasota 4.0 - Feature :: SRQ Magazine Article by Phil Lederer

A Peek Inside a Mind-Blowing Festival of Ideas

Central to Detroit: Rebuilding with social capital

CMU alumnus Marlowe Stoudamire thinks the biggest commodity in Detroit is its people. This philosophy led to him starting MASH Detroit and Butterfly Effect.

Central to Detroit: Rebuilding with social capital

Editor's note: Central Michigan University is involved in the entire state's success - after all, Michigan is our middle name. This is part of a special report on people with CMU connections making a positive difference in Michigan's largest city, Detroit.