Butterfly Effect Detroit is a Social Capital Firm.  We deliver integrated marketing, communication and investment strategies that help people, organizations and cities stay relevant and keep stride with shifting demographics, trends and industries that impact their bottom line in an ever-changing world.

  • Our strategies are realized through major projects, campaigns and investments that connect people, ideas and resources to business, culture and impact work in diverse markets.

  • Our human-centered approach demonstrates that investing in diverse ideas, brands and communities through a lens of social responsibility, impact and being on the right side of history is not at odds with business success, but in fact helps drive it (think relevance, growth and ultimately, long-term revenue).


  • Practical business tactics, authentic communications / storytelling and social collisions that reinforce a sense of purpose, strengthen relationships and achieve strategic objectives on time, within budget and at a high level of quality.

  • Strategic planning and visionary road maps to establish alignment around organizational direction, articulate value proposition and priorities, and refocus time, talent and resources on new opportunities and pathways of sustainability.

  • Project design, implementation and management with practical and measurable performance goals that consider the expressed and unexpressed needs of targets customers, audience and stakeholders.

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Tatiana Grant - PR & Events

Tatiana Grant - PR & Events

Clover McFadden - Managing Director

Clover McFadden - Managing Director

Lauren Hood - Facilitation & Engagement

Lauren Hood - Facilitation & Engagement

We bring social consciousness, diverse ideas and cultural authenticity into rooms where strategies, design and decisions are made – before they are made… and through a customized relationship, virtually become a part of your team. 

Powered by social capital, WE OPERATE AT THE INTERSECTION OF PEOPLE, PLACES AND EXPERIENCES. Our WORK IS DRIVEN BY diverse teams who employ compelling messages and a suite of business tactics that engage, inform and influence the people who matter most to the bottom line of a diverse range of audiences, partners and clients across the world.

Core Competencies:

  • Business Development

  • Project Management

  • Stakeholder Engagement (Community, Workforce, Boards, Partners, etc.)

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Storytelling / Creative Writing

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Facilitation

  • Place-making / Space Activation

  • Fund Development / Grant Writing

  • PR & Events

  • Social Media

  • Digital Content & Strategy

  • Graphic Design