Marlowe Stoudamire

Business strategies that build trust, increase connectivity and strengthen relationships.

Marlowe Stoudamire is a Social Capital Expert with a proven track record of success. His mission is to help you run toward disruption and challenge the status quo of your current thinking and behavior.

He leads a diverse team of specialists in the design and execution of major projects, campaigns and strategies that engage, inform and influence customers, stakeholders and target audiences that matter most to the bottom line of his partners and clients.


  • Branding & Communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Stakeholder Engagement (Community, Employee, Boards, Partners)
  • New Market Entry & Start-Ups
  • Government & Community Affairs
  • Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Placemaking & Space Activation
  • Skill-based Volunteering
  • Diversity & Inclusion

One of the few social capital firms in America, his teams recognize that as patterns of communication, social interaction, and economic exchange shift more than ever, leaders and organizations thrive when they have dense relationships, high levels of trust, and norms of reciprocity. 

So, what does that mean? The value you and your business get from relationships depends on the investments you make in them and Marlowe helps you make SMART investments.

"I remind people of how much relationships really matter and impact your bottom line."

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Social Capital 


I unleash the invisible power of social capital and translate it into actions that result in strong ROI for businesses, foundations, government and communities.



Private and public sector leaders and entities who, at times, speak different languages and have different bottom lines. 

  • Businesses / Entrepreneurs
  • Foundations / Philanthropists
  • Nonprofits / Social Enterprises
  • Government Officials, Agencies and Departments

They benefit from capacity partnership, out-of-the-box thinking and social transactions marked by intersections of  accessibility, relational reciprocity, and trust with relevant people, places and experiences that otherwise wouldn’t exist in their traditional silos.


Consulting services are driven by practical business tactics, authentic communications / storytelling and social collisions that reinforce a sense of purpose, strengthen relationships and achieve strategic objectives on time, within budget and at a high level of quality. 

Strategic planning and visionary road maps to establish alignment around organizational direction, articulate value proposition and priorities, and refocus time, talent and resources on new opportunities and pathways of sustainability.

Project design, implementation and management with practical and measurable performance goals that consider the expressed and unexpressed needs of targets customers, audience and stakeholders.





Organic Social Collisions

Central to Detroit: Rebuilding with social capital

Editor's note: Central Michigan University is involved in the entire state's success - after all, Michigan is our middle name. This is part of a special report on people with CMU connections making a positive difference in Michigan's largest city, Detroit.



Proven Track Record, Positive Outcomes


Detroit 67:  Looking Back to MOVE FORWARD


Award-Winning exhibition & community engagement project

Serving as project director of the Detroit Historical Society’s ground-breaking Detroit 67: Looking Back to MOVE FORWARD project demonstrates my ability to navigate the complex and polarizing history of the city’s most emotionally and economically scarring incidents in effort to move the region forward.  In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Detroit Uprising 1967, this multi-year project was designed to serve as a model – Engage, Reflect, Act – for bringing diverse voices and communities together around the effects of a historic crisis to find their roles in the present and inspire the future. 

The project’s centerpiece is the million-dollar Detroit 67 Perspectives Exhibition covering will cover a period that looks back 100 years and forward 50 years to 2067 in effort to better understand our collective history to inform and define our future.  The soundtrack of the exhibition was powered by over 500 written and oral histories.  More than 100 nonprofit, government, foundation and corporate partners were activated to address four critical imperatives that have plagued the city for years:  Economic Inclusion & Opportunity, Race Relations, Youth Engagement & Leadership Development, and Neighborhood Advancement designed to streamline  The fund development strategy – raised over $4 million in two-years – focused on programming and narrative control, organizational capacity and a long-term path of institutional sustainability.

Throughout the Detroit 67 campaign, gross impressions totaled 6.5 billion.

Remember the series of tweets that recounted the events of 50 years ago as though they were in real time? That was us. Remember the Gordon Park (at the intersection of where the unrest started) make-over, community programs and other events this past summer and fall? That was us. We fostered meaningful dialogue about race, systemic causes of inequality and opportunities to take the collective action that can help move our community forward.



MASH Detroit

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organic social collisions

MASH Detroit is a neighborhood incubator and community bridge that helps people from all walks of life collaborate, build businesses and re-imagine shared physical spaces

It’s important to note, MASH is not simply a place… it is a series of concepts, connections and organic social collisions that bring diverse people, ideas and experiences together under one roof – creating a space where everyone can WORK, PLAY, CONNECT and BUILD in a neighborhood beyond the 7.2 squares of downtown and midtown (the center of Detroit's revitalization story).

The belief is that MASH can be replicated throughout Detroit, acting as a catalyst for further investment of time, talent and tiding into the local area. This combats Detroit’s “tale of two cities” narrative.



JP Morgan Chase Detroit Service Corps



Served as the exclusive business consultant and community liaison for the J.P. Morgan Chase Detroit Service Corps program.  As part of its five-year $100 million investment in economic recovery, launched a three-week, skills-based volunteer program that engages top-performing employees from around the world who share their expertise to help nonprofit partners expand their impact on the community.

Chase committed to send two teams per year with each team made up of 12 employees from across lines of business and locations around the world including New York, Sydney, São Paulo, Mumbai, Hong Kong and others. 

My efforts helped design and facilitate 24 business projects for nonprofits that otherwise they would not have access the corporate expertise of the service corps.



Detroit Lions



Consulting with the Detroit Lions’ “Living for the City” philanthropic initiative is a concrete example of my leadership in economic mobility.  Their investment enabled Baltimore-based non-profit Vehicles for Change Inc. (VFC) to expand its geographic footprint to Detroit.

The program empowers families with financial challenges to achieve economic and personal independence through car ownership and technical training.  I was recruited by the Lions to serve as the lead agent and public interface for the VFC car ownership program and social enterprise launch in Detroit.

My scope of work as interim executive director included: strategic partnerships, local advisory board formation, fund development and start-up business planning.  The program successfully launched with a funding pipeline of approximately $500,000 – in a neighborhood with the highest concentration of the city’s youth.



Wayne State University

WSU 150.jpg

Year-long Sesquicentennial Celebration: WARRIOR 150 CHALLENGE - 150,000 COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS

In commemorating 150 years of academic and research excellence in Detroit, Wayne State University (WSU) launched a university-wide initiative as a testament to its unwavering social responsibility and commitment to the community during a year of sesquicentennial celebration. 

This effort engages and activates all of WSU's stakeholder groups, including students, faculty, administration and staff, alumni, the Board of Governors and supporters, in meaningful community service across the metro area.  

The goal – 150,000 volunteer community service hours in 2018.

My team developed the concept and is charged with designing and managing creative, impactful and inclusive service experiences for a small army of dedicated volunteers that extend deep into Detroit neighborhoods and across the metro area.




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